Nordisk Aktiv Virke A/S is the parent company of a number of companies in the international colour and varnish industry. The group develops, manufactures and sells products to the industrial market, to painters, other professional craftmen and the DIY market, and has a strong position on selected markets.

The company has been built up as a group, and is based on development and production activities in Denmark and Sweden. The group's products are mostly sold on the Northern European market, with the main emphasis on The Nordic Countries. The group’s aim is to be a strong and active player on the Northern European market. We want to achieve this aim both through organic growth and acquisitions.

The group’s two main product areas are:

  • Environmentally friendly and customised painting systems for the metal and plastic processing industries
  • Painting for buildings, wood protection, and accessories

The group consists of the following subsidiaries:

  • Rötmotaverken AB, Falun, Sweden, with the subsidiaries Röa AB and Falu Vapen Färg AB

To strengthen the group’s position in The Nordic and the Baltic countries, Nordisk Aktiv Virke A/S has acquired the colour and varnish company AB Rötmotaverken in Falun, Sweden. This company includes Röa AB, which is a significant manufacturer of surface-treatment systems for metal and plastic for several well-known international industrial companies. The company also includes Falu Vapen Färg AB, which manufactures painting for buildings mainly for the DIY market.

The person behind Nordisk Aktiv Virke A/S is Preben Kjærgaard.